Modern Retail Warehouse Management System

A modern warehousing solution specially designed to cater retail warehousing requirements. With faster implementation time and higher flexibility it features extensive warehouse management capabilities and can be easily customized as per your business process.


Location Based Inventory Management

Maintain and track inventory location-wise. Define Zones and categorize your inventory into Long-term storage, Forward picking location & Damaged goods locations.


  • Multi Location
  • Muti warehouse
  • Zone based categorization

Streamlined Picking Operations

Use pick list to define your picking batch. Pick list help streamline picking operations by defining location based picking


  • Zone Based Picking
  • Mobile App based Picking
  • Picker assignment


Complete Insight into Inventory

With smart dashboard alerts and comprehensive inventory audit and tracking, keep you in control of your inventory and manage the costs.


  • Picking discrepancies Alerts
  • Sales Velocity Tracking
  • Inventory Holding Tracking

Efficient Fulfilment & Inventory Control

Better inventory visibility and efficient fulfillment across your retail and wholesale channels, systems, and fulfillment locations.


Streamline Inventory Inward. Receive, Inspect and Putaway using simple or workflow as per your business process.


Efficient fulfill orders using picklist. Use Pick Pack Manifest workflow to streamline your fulfillment process.


Manage your inventory sent from warehouse with manifest and Gate Pass.

Streamline and Simplify Your Warehousing