Data Driven Sales Analytics

Easyops Insights uses cutting edge technology to provide you machine learning driven real-time sales analysis report to help you have deep insight in your business and add value to it.

Learn Sales Trends

Easyops dashboards are designed to help you learn what drives your sales. Understand your sales trends by region, by sales channel, by time period to take better decision and improve your sales.

Track & Plan Inventory Better

Maintaining optimal levels of inventory is crucial for business. Inventory reports in Easyops unlike SAP or Tally gives actionable insights into your units sold, sales velocity, days of cover to plan your inventory efficiently. Easyops smart insights provides real-time inventory recommendation based on your selling velocity. Use the recommendation and the dynamic reorder levels to maintain lean inventory.


Analyse Returns & Take Smart Action

Returns are the biggest drain of resources and profit. Track your returns and reconcile against actual returned shipment. Perform root cause analysis of returns to identify trends and take preventive action. Finally take preventive measures like stopping particular courier or de-listing to reduce returns.