Scale your business with multichannel eCommerce solution

Multichannel retail platform that can help keep your eCommerce inventory in sync and manage orders from various channels seamlessly


Integrate Your Sales Channel

Easyops provides API integration with all the major market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm and more. It allows you to save time required in handling your day-to-day operational tasks so that you can focus on increasing your sales

Real-time Multi Channel Inventory Management

With real-time inventory updates, Easyops provides a centralized mulit channel inventory management software for all the sales channels. Avoid overselling and stock-outs with automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are received in Easyops. Low stock alerts and smart replenishment maintain required stock levels.

Channel Linked to Products

Multi Channel Order Management Software

Easyops integrates with E-commerce platforms and marketplaces, allowing you to automatically pull and track orders across all your channels from a single platform. Automate order processing and fulfillment across multiple warehouses and streamline shipping and fulfillment with Easyops.

Integrated Order Management, Inventory Management & Accounting System to cater all your business requirements

Expand your business into new retail and wholesale channels while keeping omni-channel inventory and orders in sync

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automate to eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors while increasing productivity at the same time

Scale for Omni-channel Operations

Keep your Ecommerce, marketplaces, brick-and-motar stores, warehouses and 3PL integrated with our real-time order management & inventory management platform.

Transition to Multichannel Selling

Expand your sales by selling where your customers are buying. Our platform is equipped with features to help you understand, manage and increase your multichannel sales.