Omni-channel Inventory Management System

Omni-channel inventory management with real time inventory updates across all channels to prevent double selling and reduce errors.


Manage simple, bundles & product variants

Easyops flexible inventory management allow you to easily manage inventory level for simple, bundles & product variants.

Sync inventory seamless across sales channels

Easyops integrates with Ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, allowing you to automatically track and update inventory across all your channels from a single platform. Avoid overselling and stock-outs with automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are received in Easyops. Low-stock alerts and smart replenishment maintain required stock levels.


Re- stock at the right time

Easyops combines up-to-date inventory data, low stock reporting, historical sales data to deliver real-time metrics to what to reorder from a single platform. Optimize inventory to conserve working capital and maximize return on investment.

Integrated inventory management System for multi-channel retailers

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Improved Inventory Planning

Manage leaner inventory operations with better access to historical information, and the ability to buy tighter without running out of stock.

Optimize & scale inventory across channels

Whether you are selling from a single retail store, multiple warehouses, outsourced or drop-shipped, Easyops centralized inventory control so you can easily maintain an accurate record of inventory levels.

Access Inventory Anywhere

Our cloud based inventory management system makes it easy for you to access your inventory from any location and any device.

Get Control of Your Inventory