Cloud based Inventory Management Software

Easyops cloud inventory software scales and help manage control of inventory across all your retail, wholesale channels and fulfillment locations.


Online Inventory Management

Easyops centralized inventory management system helps you scales inventory across your connecting Ecommerce platforms, marketplaces. Easily view, manage, and reconcile stock across your warehouses. View what’s on-hand, committed, or on its way Easyops gives you the power to proactively reorder or transfer stock to other warehouses.

Inventory Control Software

Unified inventory control helps to maintain a lean inventory across your sales channels. Easyops automatically keep the inventories updated across your sales channels as you receive orders.


Location Based Inventory Management

Maintain and track inventory location-wise. Define Zones and categorize your inventory into Long-term storage, Forward picking location & Damaged goods locations.

Inventory in the Right Place at the Right Time

Efficient automated inventory management is the key to success in business. Let Easyops take out the complexity of inventory management.

Stock management software

Avoid losing sales due to stock out and at the same time avoid overstocking by having the right amount of inventory.

Retail Inventory management

Easyops retail inventory management comes with best practices to manage your retail stock efficiently

Inventory cycle count

Keep inventory in check with periodic inventory cycle count.

Optimize your inventory now