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Seller Fulfilled
Rs 1000131N/AN/A
Rs 50000.7520.831
Rs 100000.61.750.82.51
Rs 250000.31.60.620.6
Rs 500000.

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What is a Voucher?

A voucher is a currency balance that you purchase. The amount purchased would be added your online wallet in Easyops

How does it work?

Easyops works on a prepaid model. Each voucher has a validity of 3 months. The voucher amount is credited to your wallet. The wallet is charged based on the orders you process. The per-order rates are as given above

What is the validity of each voucher?

Each voucher is valid for 3 months.

Is there any minimium monthly charges?

We do not have any minimium monthly commitments. You pay for what you use.

What happens if I have any balance left after 3 months?

Any balance left after 3 months would be considered as expired. There is no carry forward of balance on the next recharge