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Simple and easy to use cloud warehouse management software specially built for
SME Fulfillment centers.

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Introduction to EasyWMS

  • PFast and Efficient fulfilment is the backbone of multi-channel sales.
  • Pfulfilment centres need reliable warehouse management software to succeed in the new age of multi-channel fulfilment.
  • PEasyWMS comes with an integrated order management solution that connects multiple channels to provide a smarter way to fulfil and manage daily operations.

Benefits of using EasyWMS

Easyops provides one of the easiest and faster ways to fulfil your orders. Now don’t waste your time scanning each item one by one. Processing orders in batch to save your time and labour cost. Fulfil orders from over 15+ marketplaces. The single unified process to fulfil orders from any marketplace.

Increase your sales through advanced automation solutions. From multiple channel integration to accounting automation, EasyOMS offers powerful tools for any business.

Integrated Multi-channel Warehouse Software in One Single Platform

Fulfil orders in bulk

Bin Management

Advanced Order management

Order Fulfillment

Features of EasyWMS

Integrated Multi-channel Warehouse Solution in One Single Platform

Keeping your inventory updated in all the sales channels is time-consuming and an erroneous task. EasyWMS automatically updates inventory levels across all of your sales channels as soon as you get an order reducing the risk of over-selling items you no longer have in your stock.
Product bundles/knitting
Virtual stock management
Dynamic stock allocation

Bin Management

Maintain inventory bin-wise and keep track of each location with detailed audits.

System recommended Putaway
Detailed location level audit trail
Track bin level capacity

Advanced Order management

Centralized order management for all your sales channels. EasyOMS supports order routing, order splitting across various warehouses.

Multi-channel order management
Order source tracking
Dropship order management
Cross border drop shipping

Order Fulfillment

Easyops Warehouse Management Software provides an integration fulfilment process to manage the fulfilment.

Unified fulfilment process
Support batch as well as wave based operations
Pack station based packing
Integrate shipments

Shipment & Return Management

Keeping track of shipments & returning an order is essential, which is why EasyOMS simplifies and helps you track them.

Advanced notification of returns
Shipment tracking
Delivered notifications
Returns Analytics

From now on everything will be better. Seamlessly manage your operations with EasyWMS

Happy Customers


Learn how business owners around the world are growing with easyops

Easyops is a highly adaptable solution with a lot of features that allow us to track and follow up on our orders and customers efficiently. The implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours. We recommend Easyops because it’s great and their team is determined to make it work for their customer’s needs.
– Asvitha, FullyFilmy

We’ve used Easyops from the early days to power the inventory control aspect of our website for B2B as well as B2C to enable more seamless business operations.
– – Nitin, Soultree
Our biggest Win by associating with Easyops is understanding how to create more business with custom tailored competence. This allow us to work in Single legitimate platform and reach to maximum Customer on all key market places. For us Easyops is-
“O”- Operational
Complete package at a single platform.
Thanks to Easyops..!!!!

– Rahul, Stylelead