The Billing POS for Smart Retailer

A modern cloud-based multi-device enabled point of sales software and inventory management system that not only helps bill your customers easily, but also helps increase your sales.

Simple Multi Store Billing Solution

Eliminate Checkout Counters

Delight your customers by providing a seamless checkout. Reduce the wait time by billing customers anywhere at their convenience.

Manage your customers better

Keep track of your customers whether they buy in-store, online or both.

Easyops automatically classifies your customers, segmenting them based on their buying patterns. Customer classification helps you recognize your best customers, at-risk customers and in turn helps you to run targeted promotions on your customer database.

Smarter Promotions

Use dynamic promotion rule engine to run promotions with ease

Simple and easy to setup promotion rules help to provide store discounts and coupons to your customers. Promote your store offers with ease via SMS/Email/Twitter/Whatsapp and other social media directly from Easyops.

Features To Help You Scale

Easyops comes with intelligent features that you will require to scale your business.
SMS email or WhatsApp invoices

SMS Email or Whatsapp Invoices

Use in-built SMS/Email/Whatsapp integration to share the invoice to your customer.

Access your store anywhere, anytime

Easyops is cloud-based POS software, so you can sign in and work from anywhere. Easily access your sales, products and reports, and always have the latest data.

Simple UI for everyone to use

Easyops POS is fast intuitive and easy for your team to use and works across iPad, Mac or PC with popular hardware.

Easyops POS is your profit center

Unlike other POS which are cost centred and only help in reducing your manpower requirements. Easyops POS is more than a POS. Use Easyops to manage your customers, promote your store, increase your social presence.

Convert to Dark Stores

Modern retail store provide avenue for store based fulfilment. Leverage Easyops to enable modern fulfilment in your stores.

Store Reports

Easyops provides tons of valuable reports that help you keep track of your sales and inventory. Discover your fast & slow-moving stock, deadstock, and get stock recommendations based on your sales velocity.​


Learn how business owners around the world are growing with easyops

Easyops is a highly adaptable solution with a lot of features that allow us to track and follow up on our orders and customers efficiently. The implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours. We recommend Easyops because it’s great and their team is determined to make it work for their customer’s needs.
– Asvitha, FullyFilmy

We’ve used Easyops from the early days to power the inventory control aspect of our website for B2B as well as B2C to enable more seamless business operations.
– – Nitin, Soultree
Our biggest Win by associating with Easyops is understanding how to create more business with custom tailored competence. This allow us to work in Single legitimate platform and reach to maximum Customer on all key market places. For us Easyops is-
“O”- Operational
Complete package at a single platform.
Thanks to Easyops..!!!!

– Rahul, Stylelead