Track and reconcile every order you ship

Track Payments in real-time and analyze margins to improve profits.

Marketplace Payment Settlements

Marketplace Payment Reconciliation

Easyops is an Ecommerce payment reconciliation software. It automatically pull your settlements as they paid to you, analyzing settlement fees and tracking your profits.

Order-wise reconciliation

Track what orders is paid, unpaid and refunded. Reconcile refunds with returns. Analyze deductions for discrepancies.

Order Wise Payment Reconciliation
Sku Wise Profitability

Sku-wise Profitability

Automated profit calculations which takens into account all the fees and gst inputs providing you actual net profit on a sku.

Payment reconciliation software that analyses for profits.

Easyops tracks your disptached order and reconciles your payments against them to track the net settled amount and profitability. Easyops also automatically tracks your refund and provides you a clear reconciliation of your refund against actual returns.

Track Profits

Insights to help you track your profit margin and understand how to improve profits.

Track Paid V/s UnPaid

Track what is paid, what’s unpaid and what is refunded all through a single platform for all your sales channels.

Track Payments

Automated payments tracking and reconciliation against shipped orders for accurate payment reconciliation of your orders.

What to understand your settlement better.