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Flipkart Smart Fulfillment


Flipkart Smart Fulfilment is a fulfilment model that allows seller to fulfill FA orders directly from their own warehouse. Easyops enables sellers to manage their Flipkart Smart Fulfilment orders faster and more efficient with just 3 clicks.
Easyops Pick Station

Pick Station

Fulfill your orders using the pick station. Pick Station enables sellers to generate pick list in bulk. Easyops Pick Station generates pick list for all the pending orders instead of generating pick list one by one, saving your time.

Label Generation

Flipkart Labels are automatically generated for Flipkart Smart Fulfilment. If you prefer you can configure to have the label cropped. Cropped Flipkart labels can be printed directly on a 4x6 shipping labels.

Flipkart Manifest

You can configure Flipkart Smart Fulfilment pick list to auto manifest or you can manifest the pick list in a single click.

Fastest Flipkart Smart Fulfilment

Easyops provides one the faster way to fulfill your Flipkart smart fulfillment orders. Process orders faster and scale your business the smart way.

Fast Pick List Generation

Easyops makes in easy to generate Smart Fulfilment pick list. Use Easyops Mobile PWA app to generate your pick list from any place and any time.

Flipkart Label

Dont spend time generating Labels one by one. Easyops automates Flipkart Label generation in bulk. Download all the pick list labels in a single click.

Flipkart Manifest

Generate manifest for your Flipkart orders in single click. Save time manifesting your orders. You can also enable auto manifest setting to completely automate manifest process.
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