Top 10 companies for e-commerce shipments in India

One of the most important elements of e-commerce is logistics also called courier service. Ecommerce is about providing a delightful experience to the customer and the speed of delivery is one the most important aspect. The fast and safe shipment of orders all but depends upon the courier services. E-commerce delivery or e-commerce courier services play a very important role in the profits of a firm.

There are many courier companies in India. But not all are equipped to manage e-commerce shipments. Check out the list of logistic partners of e-commerce in India. This list consists of the best courier services in India.

Aramex India Pvt Ltd

this company was found in the year of 1966. Aramex’s headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It provides both domestic voice services as well as international courier services. It has the fastest courier service in India. The company offers a wide range of services with superior quality and reasonable prices. Its warehouse is located in all major cities of our country.

Blue dart express Ltd

Blue dart is South Asia’s leading courier company. It has a huge domestic network that provides services to more than 220 countries. Its headquarters are situated in Chennai. It has offices in all major Indian metro cities. Also, the company has six aircraft fleet to carry the freight. It claims to be one of the best courier services in India.

DHL Express India Pvt

This company is one of the leading courier services in India. It has networks over 230 countries and territories all over the world. It also has branch business units which include DHL express, DHL supply chain, DHL e-commerce, DHL global forwarding, DHL freight. The company was founded in 1969. It is the supreme quality company with its headquarters in Bonn Germany. It is one of the leading logistics companies for e-commerce.

DTDC Courier cargo Ltd 

Founded in the year 1990, the headquarters of this company is in Bangalore. It operates all over India and has offices situated in the major cities. DTDC express Ltd also has a significant role-player in the global footprint and serves more than 200 international locations. These include the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and many other Asian countries. Through its operations and services now it is one of the fastest courier services in India. The joint ventures and business associates that it has indulged itself, has made the company very popular and powerful.

E-commerce Express Pvt Ltd

With its headquarters in New Delhi, Ecom was Inc recently in the year 2012. But this recent company is not less than any other heritage company in this field. The company offers a wide range of services with pocket-friendly prices. Due to the recent development, this company is well oriented according to the changing environment. The company’s products include EXS, ENS, EFS, and EDS. The company now has built up a network of over 29 states of our country and operates in more than 2400 towns across 25,000+ PIN code in India. This company is one of the best options if products need to be delivered within our country to the outskirts and the small-town area.

EXS- Ecom Express services
ENS- Ecom network services
EFS- Ecom fulfillment services
EDS- Ecom Digital services

FedEx Express TSCS India Private Limited

this company was founded in the year of 1973. It has been in this field with great heights since then. With its headquarters at Memphis Tennessee, this company is industries global leader in providing logistic services. It delivers a huge number of shipments every day to various countries. It provides its customers with reliable and fast courier services.

First flight courier Ltd

Found in the year 1986, this company provides one of the fastest courier services. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. It provides services all over India. It also has some international networks. With expanding its outreach in India, the company is leading the global market as well.

Gati Ltd

this company has Le did in supply chain solution and expressed distribution. Gati Ltd was founded in the year of 1989. Back then it was one of the supreme quality courier services providers. This company is still strongly a part of SAARC countries and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Indian postal services

It is quite understood by the name that this company is a government-owned postal company. The headquarters of Indian postal services are located in New Delhi. It offers different services like letter posts, personal services, ems, delivery, freight, third-party to just check and deposit accounts. This company was founded back in 1854. It from then is one of the leading companies for courier purposes in small-town areas and the outskirts of our country. As it is owned by the government, the services that they provide are very reasonable.

Professional courier Private Limited

This company was started in the year 1987. It provides service all over India. It also provides a service to government bodies, MNC, public sector undertakings, financial and educational institutions. The company has its headquarters located in New Delhi. It has over 20,000 employee base and more than 20 regional offices. It has a big network that is spread over 200 countries. This widespread network and fast service make this company among the list of top 10 logistics services India.

Well, it is your turn now! Tell us which one of them you would pick to make sure that your product is safely courier to your final consumers! Leave a comment below. 

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