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Oct 25, 2021Multichannel Sales

There was a time when only big brand players ran the e-commerce market space in India, but lately, this market segment has paved way for the entrance of many small, medium, and even individual businesses.

The eCommerce business has acquired speed like no other in a brief period. One reason behind this is the adaptability and flexibility in selling that it offers. Today, you can get people from the farthest places on earth to buy your products, all with the assistance of the Internet. This surely holds as a rewarding opportunity for numerous e-commerce[NB1] retailers selling on the web. However, while it’s easy to display your products on the web in practically no time and contact clients located anyplace from your workshop, you additionally need dependable global e-commerce shipping and fulfilment solutions to deliver your products.

Presently, most of the small to medium retailers in India work with manual processes with regard to logistics. However, this manual process can take a ton of effort for the retailer to physically book, track, and deal with shipments with various couriers and logistics organizations.

Unless you sort out ways and methods to dispatch your products successfully, you can’t think about expanding your business. And so, shipping and fulfilment is certainly one of many challenges faced by eCommerce retailers.

So here’s where Easyops like to introduce you- Shyplite. India’s most reliable gateway for e-commerce shipping. We surely recommend you visit one website for a best-in-class shipping and fulfilment experience.

It offers shipping options from 30+ courier services, computerized carrier selection, automated tracking, logistics, and functional help and support. Based on available information, Shyplite uses transporters in the backend so that the seller does not need to do anything. Under this service, there is just solitary estimated pricing for vendors, with no minimum shipment cost or subscription plan. Sellers can sign in and begin utilizing the service. It’s that simple!

By covering more than 27,000+ pin codes in India, with 220 nations served internationally with 9 Fulfillment centres PAN India, Shyplite lets retailers automate logistics and increase efficiency in shipments by providing a solitary window “shipping gateway” incorporated with numerous carriers.

Here’s how integrating your business with Shyplite shall make shipping and fulfilment more efficient and hassle-free:

1. Multi-carrier – Strengthen your courier network and grow your business range not only locally, but globally, with quick admittance to pre-arranged rates and services, all with only one easy-to-make Shyplite account.

2. Robust Shipping process- With effortless courier allocation, covering a more comprehensive range of networks, say goodbye to all the toil with their single-window dashboard by taking advantage of Shyplite’s AI-enabled Smart Shipping and fulfilmet Solution or setting custom automation rules for your preferred carriers.

3. Increase customer satisfaction- Drive in customer satisfaction by giving them a delightful post-purchase experience. Draw in clients, address their queries, and trust with automated tracking notifications and custom branded tracking pages.

4. NDR Management- One can easily keep track of unsuccessful deliveries to reduce the repercussions one faces on incidents of RTO.

5. Warehousing and fulfilment- Administration of fulfilment services and reliable warehouse management results in faster delivery and efficient order processing.

6. B2B modes- By integrating with Shyplites services, one can opt for shipping their large orders, which guarantees efficiency and on-time delivery, be it airways or roadways.

7. Ship from multiple locations- Shyplite services also feature picking up packages from more than one address, thus saving all your time and physical effort.

8. What’s more is that you get the most minimal shipping rates with zero monthly membership requirement, an early COD feature, and a lot more easy-to-use and vital elements on a solitary dashboard for all your delivery needs.

So when shipping and fulfilment become as easy as just creating a single account with no need for individual integrations and billing and is affordable, making the whole process right from shipping to tracking to scaling super-efficient, what more can you ask for?

Shyplite is determined to ease the logistics load faced in organizations and create a strong network of the most robust, secure, and future-friendly dashboards, empowering end-to-end logistics. It is the most dependable shipping and fulfilment gateway in India, consistent in delivery, providing a seamless experience for retailers and helping them build their brand globally.

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