How to sell on Flipkart Marketplace

Nov 15, 2021Multichannel Sales

Online marketing and selling is now the new norm. People nowadays like buying and selling online. Sellers feel that offline marketing requires more activities that can be avoided in online marketing and selling.

There are many online websites that provide world-class facilities, a wide range of products, the best prices and huge discounts which not only attract consumers but also increase the sellability of a product. This is profitable for the sellers as well. Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong are some of the well-known online websites for marketing and selling.

This article will focus on how to sell a product on the Flipkart marketplace.

Let us begin with a very simple question:

Why should you sell on Flipkart Marketplace?

Flipkart is a well-known brand with maximum online research and the highest sellability. It has more than 10 crores in registered consumers, around 10 million daily page visitors, and 80 lakhs shipment every month across thousands of cities. Flipkart is among the top three online selling websites.

Flipkart sellers are also provided with all the support and infrastructure to become an online seller. Logistics are taken care of by Flipkart with its in-house logistics company Ekart. Ekart provides fast deliveries across most pin codes in India. Flipkart sellers need to just focus on packing the orders they receive and logistics are taken care of by Flipkart.

Flipkart also takes care of customer support and handles reverse logistics freeing sellers from this headache.

Flipkart provides warehouses and other necessary facilities to Flipkart sellers as well.

How to become a seller on Flipkart?

We are sure that the above-listed facts of Flipkart are enough to make you want to become a Flipkart seller.

It is also important to understand the criteria that are required to be fulfilled before you can start selling on Flipkart. Anyone who wants to sell new and genuine products is welcomed by Flipkart.

There are some legal regulations and rules which one has to follow before he becomes a Flipkart seller. He should have the following:

  • Personal PAN for a business that is proprietorship and company PAN for other business types
  • Bank account
  • Minimum of one unique product to sell

If you fulfil the above requirements and criteria, you can easily be a Flipkart seller.

You would require the following documents to register as a seller on Flipkart:

  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents.
  • Pan card
  • Cancelled check

Checklist for Online Business on Flipkart Marketplace

Note a few things about Flipkart before you start an online business with them.

  • You can not sell any kind of service on Flipkart. It is a complete product selling website.
  • You will not be charged for listing the products in the category.
  • Flipkart only got a small commission from what you sell to the consumers through the services that they provide.
  • Flipkart does not take any courier services from the seller. It handles the shipping of every product that the company sells. All that it wants is the seller to do is, pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch.
  • The stock or inventory needs to be maintained by your seller. Flipkart does pick up your products from the concerned location and drop them at the final consumers.
  • After your goods are finally successfully dispatched, your payment will be settled within 7 to 15 business days. Mostly it is seven days for gold sellers, ten days for silver sellers and fifteen days for bronze sellers. The payment will directly be made into your bank account through NEFT transactions.
  • Flipkart also has catalogue partners. These partners develop high-quality photographs of the products and crisp product descriptions for better sales. A good catalogue would give your customers a better understanding of the product.
  • In case your area is not serviceable by Flipkart, you will not able to sell on it.
  • Flipkart can also provide your packing material. They claim to have strong connections with the packing agencies in the industry which can help you get good packaging so that you can impress your consumers.

Flipkart Seller Protection Fund

Flipkart has a seller protection fund that is set up to protect the sellers against any kind of fraud. The SPF department works to make sure that Flipkart sellers do not have to suffer or go through struggles with final consumers. This is a part of the Flipkart seller protection right.

In case you have been fooled by the buyer or the logistic partner, you will receive the due amount after you send a request to the SPF. You can also get compensation if the customer returns a damaged product. Depending on the case and category, a refund will be transferred to your bank account.

Not only will you get compensation when your original product is replaced by the consumer with a different product but you can also claim some value of the order if the goods were damaged or lost in transit as a Flipkart seller.

Scaling on Flipkart Marketplace

Once you start selling on Flipkart Marketplace, you will need to start thinking of scaling your business on the platform. Lots of tools are provided to Flipkart sellers to scale up.

First, you need to focus on the listing. Make sure the product images are of high quality and your product description is accurate and informative.

Next, you should explore the native advertisement platform in Flipkart. There is a lot of competition on the platform and getting product visibility is crucial for scaling. As a Flipkart seller, advertising on the platform provides exposure to your product and helps build brand visibility.

Product feedback from customers is important for building trust. Make sure you focus on customer delight initially. Focus on secure packing and fast fulfilment so that you receive positive feedback from the customers.

Look at enrolling in programs like Flipkart Smart Fulfillment. This program enables you to get Flipkart Assured tags on your product listing and ensure you get more orders.


While selling online in marketplaces can be financially rewarding, scaling operations to handle the order volumes can be very daunting. You should invest in a good order management system. Easyops is a cloud order management system that you can use to manage your Flipkart order fulfilment.

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