Ship Hassle-Free with Shyplite

There was a time when only big brand players ran the e-commerce market space in India, but lately, this market segment has paved way for the entrance of many small, medium, and even individual businesses. The eCommerce business has acquired speed like no other in a brief period. One reason behind this is the adaptability and flexibility in selling that … Read More

12 practical tips to make ‘Taking physical inventory count’ easy

We all know that as retailers, counting the physical inventory is not something that we like to do. It is one of the most tedious tasks, as counting your stock may take hours and a lot of energy!  Checking the quantity of the inventory you have on paper versus what actually is present in your warehouse helps to maintain inventory … Read More

5 inventory management tips for wholesale business

Inventory is like livelihood for a wholesale company. The amount of inventory, where to source the inventory from and how to sell the products are all important factors which one should consider while managing the business growth. Most of these factors depend on how you manage your inventory. In wholesale inventory management, inventory is usually in larger quantities therefore it … Read More

Cloud-based inventory management

Inventory management is at the heart of any wholesale and retail business. Inventory management is, therefore, an important aspect that the business needs to focus on. There are numerous techniques for inventory management but this can get tedious and time-consuming processes unless you have an efficient inventory management tool. Over the years there have been many mature and good inventory … Read More

Inventory management hacks that you need to know

Inventory is the lifeline of any commerce, be it online or offline.  With the boom in the eCommerce industry, the need and significance of efficient inventory management have increased exponentially making space for a lot of technological solutions. Effective inventory management can help your business grow by giving both monetary and non-monetary benefits. It enables you to cater to every … Read More

Top 10 companies for e-commerce shipments in India

One of the most important elements of e-commerce is logistics also called courier service. Ecommerce is about providing a delightful experience to the customer and the speed of delivery is one the most important aspect. The fast and safe shipment of orders all but depends upon the courier services. E-commerce delivery or e-commerce courier services play a very important role … Read More

Shipment and Return Tracking for eCommerce

Returns are an integral part of the eCommerce business now. While eCommerce returns are an extra hassle for the etailers, it also provides them with a unique opportunity to satisfy customers. Hassle-free returns have a direct impact on the buying decision of customers. Now that returns are inevitable, it becomes more important to track the shipments and returns to make … Read More

10 Tips for running promotions in retail

In retailing businesses, providing a discount is a very good way to increase your sales. Promotional offers always work. Discounting in retailing is arguably the most effective way to drive sales. According to a study provided by software advice, POS system research, discounting is the top pricing strategy for retailers across all sectors, and it is used by 97% of … Read More

What is SKU?

SKU stands for stock keeping unit. It is an alphanumeric code that identifies a product and helps the owner to check his inventory for retail business purposes. An SKU number can be created manually or by using inventory management or point of sale (POS) software. SKU numbers are printed on the product label along with the universal product code and … Read More

HSN – how to find HSN for my retail products?

A cycle is what most of the chains follow. Whether it is the food cycle or a pattern in the business industry. But what most of us do not notice is the factors that affect the cycle.  Focusing on the business cycle, it is started by the producers/manufacturers and is ended by retailers (in some cases even the consumers). Many … Read More