Easyops – Omni-Channel Retail Management Solution

Shipment & Return Tracking

Omni-channel return tracking

Track, Monitor & Analyze your returns across your sales channels.


Track Shipment

Track your shipments as they are shipped & delivered. Track returns as they are initiated, in transit and returned back to you. Monitor ageing of returns


  • Track Delivered Shipment
  • Track RTO Shipments
  • Track Customer Returns
  • Track Returns Ageing
  • Track Return Reason

Receive Returns

Acknowledge returns as you receive them. Scan Inspect & Inward your returns.


  • Scan Returns
  • Inspect & Verify
  • Record Good & Bad Inventory
  • Maintain Notes

Analyse & Account Returns

Maintain return records. Analyse for improving profits.


  • Returns reconciliation against actual returns
  • Reports for return ageing
  • Return Analytics

Track & Analyze your returns to improve profits

Returned orders eat into your profits, hence its important to reduce your returns to improve profitability.

Analyze and Take Action Based on Insights

Use the actionable data to decide which products to improve or discontinue. Insight data can help you improve your listing, understand reason for high returns and help improve your profits.

Seamless Return Inwards

3-step Return inward procedure- Acknowledge->Inspect->Restock workflow

Track Returns

Keep track for returns initiated and monitor as the returns are delivered.

Monitor Your Return
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