Increased Sales Through Advanced Automation Solution.From multiple channel integration to accounting automation, easyops offers powerful tools for any business.


Order Management

It is not easy to efficiently process orders when dealing with multiple sales channel. easyops helps you streamline your order management process, taking care of repetitive, mundane and time-consuming tasks by automating them making it cost-effective and profitable for your organisation.

Inventory Management

Keeping your inventory updated in all the sales channel is a time-consuming and erroneous task. easyops automatically updates inventory levels across all of your sales channel as soon as you get an order reducing the risk of over-selling items you no longer have in your stock.

Return Management

Keeping track of returning & returned order is important, which is why easyops simplifies and helps you track them. Track returns based on channels and shipping providers.

Payment Reconciliation

easyops comes with a comprehensive payment reconciliation helping track payments for every shipped orders. The advance payment reconciliation module keeps track of the different heads and detects short payments and overcharges. Keep track of your paid order, calculate your net margins, do all this and more.


As a business owner key insights into your business is critical for you to remain above your competition. easyops reports & dashboard is designed to provide you powerful insights and visualization of key metrics, helping you track your business across multiple channels.

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