Easyops – Omni-Channel Retail Management Solution

Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

Omni-channel order fulfilment

Scale your retail and wholesale orders for increased, flexible growth and efficiency.


Unified order fulfillment

Login to multiple panels for fulfillment is time consuming. Unified operation dashboard helps you keep track of order and fulfill them in unified process. Reduce labor required for fulfillment. Spend less time training staff on order fulfillment.


  • Automated Marketplace Labels
  • Automated Marketplace Invoices
  • Automated Manifest

Pick Pack Manifest

Optimized and fully automated workflow for picking packing and dispatch from your warehouses. App based picking and system directed packing helps improve fulfillment efficiency by 30% and reduce human errors in fulfillment.


  • Pick list based picking
  • Mobile App based item picking
  • Pack based on pick list
  • Scan to Manifest

Track Shipment

Track your shipments as they are shipped & delivered. Track returns as they are initiated, in transit and returned back to you. Monitor ageing of returns.


  • Track Delivered Shipment
  • Track RTO & Customer Returns
  • Select package and generate gate pass

Receive Returns

Acknowledge returns as you receive them. Scan Inspect & Inward your returns.


  • Scan Returns
  • Inspect & Verify
  • Record Good & Bad Inventory

Multi-channel Order Fulfillment

Scalable order management platform for managing and growing across multiple sales channels.

Maximize Sales Across Channels

Uncover sales trends and track profitability with unified data and comprehensive reporting.

Omni channel Fulfillment

Deliver flexible fulfillment across sales channels, warehouse locations and meet customer demands in a fast and efficient manner.

Simplified Order Processing

Logging into multiple panels is time consuming. Unify and process all your channels from a single panel efficiently.

Scale your operations
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