Automated GST Accounting For eCommerce Marketplaces

Maintain accurate accounting data for eCommerce marketplace quickly with GST Assist


Marketplace Support

GST Assist is available for all the leading Indian eCommerce marketplace. Configure your marketplace and you are ready for import of sales data.


  • Predefined Leading Marketplaces
  • Custom Channel Support
  • Automated Listing Sync

Upload Tax Report

Upload the tax report from the marketplaces. GST Assist will generate your sales, invoices, sales returns, credit notes automatically based on the data in the uploaded file.


  • Reconcile Invoices
  • Reconcile Credit Notes


GST Tax Filing

GST Assit makes it easy for you to file your GST returns.
GST ready excel reports are avialable in Reports providing data for GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B filing.

Alternatively you can import the data into Tally and file your returns directly from Tally.


  • GST Tax Report
  • Tally GST Filing

Tally Integration

Easyops provide the flexibility and supports multiple options supporting your preferred way to use Tally.


  • Party Ledger Mapping
  • Sales Ledger Mapping
  • Tax Ledger Mapping


GST Accounting Simplified

Want to save time invoicing your orders? Let easyops automatically handle invoicing for you. Automate your credit notes, keep track of payments, unpaid orders and reconcile the receipt of payment. Do all this and more with easyops.

Automated Invoicing

Integrated invoicing automatically invoices your orders as you fulfill them, saving time and reduces dependency on accounts department.

Automated Credit Notes

Credit notes for sales returns are automatically generated at the time of returns inward.

Faster GST Filing

Dont waste time with GST filing. Use EasyGST Asist and complete your filing in 30 mins.