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Easyops is a unified inventory management software for your multichannel sales management. It automates your inventory and keeps it synchronised across marketplaces. This helps to improve operational efficiency and reduces loss due to stock-outs. Real-time inventory management ensures you do not get extra orders as inventory is updated in real-time.

Multi Channel Order Management

Simple and easy to use multi channel order management and fulfilment for your online marketplaces and online stores. Easyops unifies the fulfilment process where you do not need to learn how to fulfil orders for every channel. Easyops help you manage your fulfilment directly from your retail store or from a centralised warehouse, whatever may be your requirement.

Order Fulfillment

Manage Shippers and Shipments

Allocating a shipping provider is an integral process of fulfilment. Easyops automates the assignment of shipper/courier to your orders. You can also schedule pickup directly from Easyops panel. Post shipment you can track your shipment directly from Easyops. You can also track if the shipment is delivered or is returning back to you.

Order Tracking

Unified and simple order tracking for your Ecommerce marketplaces. You can track every order that you dispatch through Easyops. Easyops tracks your orders as they get delivered to customers.

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