Why Branded Manufacturer should sell directly online?

We often come across questions as to why branded manufacturers should sell online when the visit-to-store culture has been a part of our lives for so long. Well, ask yourself why not? In the past, the ideal approach for a branded manufacturer would be to identify the market where he or she thinks the product will have a demand. Accordingly, locate a distributor willing to sell the product. And last but not least, leave your profit at the mercy of the distributors. If they are able to cut margins, you can give your customers bigger incentives. But with the dawn of online, rather the evolution of trade from the traditional to digital means, these perceptions are changing.

Today, a branded manufacturer’s customer may or may not lie in a specific region. In fact, a branded manufacturer would not want to give up on the chance to target a global customer pool so why restrict yourself to one region. By directly selling online, you get a chance to target a global customer pool. What’s more is that with no distribution channel involved, selling directly online gives you a chance to earn bigger profits and even pass on better incentives to the customer. However, these benefits are just like the tip of the iceberg, there are various advantages of selling online directly and as we proceed, we will take a look at these advantages.

It’s cheaper and so better!

When you sell directly online, all the middlemen are eliminated. You are dealing directly with your customer so the costs involved are also less. Additionally, when you are selling online, you don’t need to invest in physical store space. Combine this with the other expense of setting up the decor and display, and you will soon realize the massive amounts of money being saved.

No manpower involved

Online sales directly, save you the burden of hiring manpower as well. Everything is online and so processes are easy, you can manage them in a few clicks itself so why bother. A lot of money is saved on the organisational hierarchy when you start hiring online.

An excellent branding opportunity

Approaching through a distributor often leads to the dilution of the original brand identity. After all, the distributor will place your brands with others in the pool and so noticeability is bound to suffer. But, selling online directly mitigates this risk. You are the one selling directly so all visibility is exclusively yours.

Visibility is better

Today, the internet is reaching out to every corner of the world. This awesome accessibility has ensured that the people get all the information that they need. In such times, selling directly online gives you a chance to get your brand noticed more easily. Additionally, it also helps you to establish a stronger connection with your customers.

What’s more is that with online selling, no part of the world is ever out of your reach.

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