Easyops – Omni-Channel Retail Management Solution

Automated Sales Accounting

Is accounting hampering your operational efficiency?

Automated your sales accounting and let Easyops handle the complexity. Let Easyops manage the sales accounting while you manage the operations.


GST Invoice

Easyops automatically generates GST invoice for all your sales channel.


  • Automatic Tax Calculation
  • Sync invoice details from channels
  • FBA Integration

GST Credit Note

Generates GST credit notes for all your sales returns.


  • Automatic Tax Calculation
  • FBA Integration

Record Purchase & Other GST Expenses

Keep record of your purchases and other GST expenses. Easyops will calculate your input credits for tax filing.


  • Automatic Tax Calculation
  • Keep track of GST Input
  • GST Tax Filing Report

Assist For eCommerce GST Returns

GST Assist is available for all the leading Indian eCommerce marketplace. Import your sales data and let the system calculate your eCommerce GST returns


  • Import Sales
  • Import Returns
  • GST Returns Filing Data

Tally Integration

Smart configurations to make connecting to Tally a breeze. Just one click Tally set-up is available. Especially designed for E-commerce sellers and retailers. ecommerce entry in tally for GST is easy.


  • Sales Ledger Configuration
  • Tax Ledger Configuration
  • Stock Configuration

Export vouchers

Export of sales and credit notes vouchers is seamless to Tally. Reduce your manual efforts to import the data in Tally


  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Tally compliant data files
  • Avoid Double Entry

GST Accounting Simplified

Want to save time invoicing your orders? Let easyops automatically handle invoicing for you. Automate your credit notes, keep track of payments, unpaid orders and reconcile the receipt of payment. Do all this and more with easyops.

Automated Invoicing

Integrated invoicing automatically invoices your orders as you fulfill them, saving time and reduces dependency on accounts department.

Complete Accounting

Easyops support complete operational accounting. Record daily expenses, purchases, sales and returns all through easy to use UI.

GST filing simplified

Simplify GST compliance with complete sales data being available in Tally.

Take the pain out of GST Accounting
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